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Based in Brighton, I have been painting for over thirty years.
On leaving school, I started an apprenticeship in curtain making and upholstery, which sparked an early interest in interior design and passion for textiles and colour, particularly mid century modern designers such as Robert Stewart and Lucienne Day among many other modernist designers and painters, which also led to a love and appreciation of furniture design. I then created my own design company Milk, designing interiors and furniture for development projects and private clients, eventually following on to a collaboration with architects BBM Sustainable Design, building a sustainable contemporary home which culminated in a number of awards, including; RIBA South East award - RIBA Manser medal part of the Stirling prize- short listed and winner of Daily Telegraph, Building and Renovating-best eco house award and short-listed for Grand design award. I now paint full time, drawing much inspiration from my love of Modernist Art, Design and Architecture .

I paint because I am able to explore and indulge my sense of curiosity, this allows me to capture in essence all the things I love. I have no pre-conceived idea of what the piece will look like when it's finished, the work develops like a dialogue between my actions and how those actions affect the painting, this process encourages spontaneity and celebrates the freedom to deliberate without boundaries but more importantly.... to trust my intuition.